Rick Magnuson has been conducting thought-experiments that engage the intersection of politics, religion, law, immigration, beauty, and complicity.  His work is conceptual, inter-disciplinary and is comprised of installation, sculpture, performance, text, photography and video.  Since 1998 Magnuson has been exploring the relationship between life and art, attempting to blur the boundaries. 


Rick Magnuson | 10 East Waterplace | Aspen, CO | 81611

970-618-1337 | magnusonart@me.com | rickmagnuson.com 


Group Exhibitions and Project History, select:

2008  Imaginary ThingsCurated by Peter Ely (Walker Art Center), Aspen Art Museum, Aspen, CO.  Chinese soil exhibited.

2004  Inport    International Video-  performance festival (Mexploitation video exhibited) Tallinn , Estonia

2004  Show for Belmar Award—curated by Adam Lerner, (Dear Osama exhibited) The Lab at Belmar, Lakewood, CO

2003    Multinatural—curated by Carrie Paterson, (rolling stones exhibited) West Hollywood, CA

2002   Voyeurism- Aspen Art Museum (solo-1 night exhibition) curated by Dean Sobel, Aspen, CO

2002    Aspen Valley Biennial- curated by Dean Sobel, (exhibited Swim-a 7 minute film looped for 24 hours on Grassroots TV) Aspen Art Museum, Aspen, CO

2001    Insider Trading: Profit without Honor, curated by Lisa Prior- Mandeville Hotel, London, UK

2000    Aspen Valley Biennial-  curated by Dean Sobel, (exhibited SPAM, Crayola and Campbell’s Soup barcodes) Aspen Art Museum, Aspen, CO



2005- 2008      Hole-  Mojave Desert, CA.  Shown on Grassroots TV, Aspen, CO

2006     The Camera Lies-   Aspen Filmfest- Aspen, CO

2004        Blowjob-    Aspen Filmfest-  Aspen, CO

2002- 2004      Swim-  Aspen Roundabout.  Shown on Grassroots TV, Aspen, CO




2006  Sheriff- Blurring the lines between art and politics, Pitkin County, CO

2005  Work-Wintersculpt, Aspen, CO; curated by Anderson Ranch committee

2004  Baldwin Gallery- Aspen, CO

2004  $10- Ross Avenue detention- Dallas TX          

2003  Santa Claus #2-  (clothes-pinning money to trees on Christmas morning) various parks in Aspen, CO

2003  Mexploitation- Intersection of Mill, Main St.  Aspen, CO

2002  Voyeurism- Aspen Art Museum, Aspen, CO

2002  Blowjob- National Forest, Snowmass, CO      

2002  Swim- Roundabout in Aspen, CO

2002  Santa Claus #1- (clothes-pinning $2,000 to trees on Christmas morning) various parks in Aspen, CO